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I keep making emphasis about how financial freedom allows you to travel the world. Hence why Brazil is one of my favorites countries. I love its culture, food, people and history. I love this country so much that I learned how to speak Portuguese in no time. When people think of Brazil, they think of Rio de Janeiro. They even think of Sao Paulo. However, not many people look at Salvador, Bahia’s capital city, as a major tourist destination. 


Bahia is where most of Brazil’s soul music comes from. Rhythms like Candomblé and the wonderful sport of Capoeira were born there. Bahia was the first port where slaves arrived in Brazil making the city’s current ethnic composition mostly of African descent.


Daniela Mercury

Mónica Taher and Bahiana star Daniela Mercury


Arrive at Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport and grab a safe cab into the city. If you made reservation before (as you should have), you won’t have trouble finding a place to stay. There’s plenty of lodging. If you are traveling during non-carnival season, I’ll share 6 things you need to see when in Salvador:


Islands Galore

First of all, there are over 50 islands surrounding Salvador – and that means a lot of paradisiac beaches. The two most visited islands are Itaparica and Frades. Alas, you sit at the beach on a chase long while getting a tan, and locals bring you seafood you can handpick from huge containers. Try the moqueca de camarão. The caipirinhas, Brazil’s margaritas, range from mango flavor to strawberry to the traditional lemon.


For starters and from the gazillion beaches you can choose from in Salvador, I would recommend Porto da Barra Beach.






Keep in mind that Portugal erected its first colony in the new world here in Salvador. Pelourinho is a bunch of colorful colonial buildings. Walk around the city and discover the cobblestone streets while listening to the music that seems to come out of every single building: Samba, Bossa Nova, Música Popular Brasileira (MBP).





Mercado Modelo

Wanna purchase arts and crafts to bring home? This is the place to be. The Mercado is in Cidade Baixa (Salvador is divided in upper and lower cities) and it contains over 250 stores ranging from restaurants to clothing shops to art establishments.





Capoeira on the Street

You won’t have to walk too long because men and women do capoeira on the street everyday. This sport is a mix of dancing and martial arts. I’m not kidding. Back in the 1500s, the slaves invented this “game” to keep themselves fit in case they had an opportunity to run away.


Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.46.26 PM




Igreja São Francisco

Go inside this magnificent golden church and experience colonization at its best. This 18th century church is a work of art.






Lacerda Elevator

Take a lift and experience the city from high above. You will not want to leave. This is the vehicle that connects the lower from the upper city. Ride it at least once.



Follow me around the world. Enjoy your next trip!

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