4 Ways to Purchase Cheap Airfare

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You know that I travel A LOT for business and pleasure. Now that spring is officially here, most of us have started thinking about our summer travel plans. Airfare prices have dropped a little in the past couple years, going from an average ticket price of $381 in 2015 to $349 in 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. But let’s face it, for a family of four, $349 per ticket adds up pretty quickly! So as you begin making summer plans, here are some strategies for snagging cheap airfare:



  1. Buy your tickets seven weeks in advance

According to CheapAir, the best time to book your airfare tickets seems to be 54 days in advance or roughly seven and a half weeks out. Of course, airlines do make deals available all the time but on average, the 54-day rule seems to work. 



  1. Airfare is cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

According to a study done by Farecompare.com, Wednesday is the cheapest day for domestic travel, with Tuesday coming in second. This is because fewer people fly on those days so there will be more empty seats available. This means airlines will discount ticket prices in order to fill the seats. The most expensive days to fly are on Fridays and Sundays.



  1. Take an early flight

The cheapest flight will almost always be the first flight of the morning and yes, that means you will have to wake up at 4 A.M.  The next cheapest flight times will usually be after lunch or during dinnertime.



  1. Sign up for alerts on AirfareWatchdog.com

Nearly every major online travel booking site will send email alerts when airfare prices drop. AirfareWatchdog.com stands out because they use people to find the best deals rather than just relying on computer systems. This means they only send updates when they actually believe they have found a good deal, as opposed to other sites that will email you if the price drops $5.



It’s pretty difficult to keep costs down during your travels if you are overspending on airfare. However, I have found that with a little foresight and planning, it is entirely possible to find the best deals possible. Happy travels!


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